Sample Lab Report

Easy-to-Read Allergy & Dust IAQ Lab Report

Here’s what you can expect from the My Allergy Detective’s™ lab report:

  • Easy-to-Read, color-coded lab results
  • Identifies 8 different Asthma Triggers airborne allergens
  • Identifies mold types down to the genus level
  • Compares indoor mold and allergen concentration levels versus outdoor air concentration levels
  • Provides interpretation if mold levels are NormalSlightly-Elevated or Elevated
  • Provides recommended actions based on lab analysis results
  • Provides recommended monitoring dates for seasonal and routine air quality testing
  • Samples are all analyzed by an AIHA-Accredited laboratory

If a more detailed analysis of the lab report is needed, feel free to call My Allergy Detective’s™ IAQ Helpline at 877-938-5821. Available Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm EST.

Our friendly and Certified Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Representatives will answer any questions you may have. We can even assist in finding a mold professional and or an Allergist to assist with next steps.