Allergy Air Test System


  • Description

    1 Reusable Air Sampling Pump
    1 Indoor & 1 Outdoor Air Sample Cassette
    1 Pre-addressed FedEx label
    1 FedEx mailing envelope
    *An additional $99.94 USD lab analysis fee will be due for your first room at the time of registration.

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    Weight 0.90 lbs
    Dimensions 29.5 × 23.5 × 10.5 cm
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The My Allergy Detective™ Allergy Air Testing System includes everything you need to test one room for common allergy triggers in your indoor air.

(1) Reusable Air Sampling Pump
(1) Air cassette for outdoor control sample and one (1) Air cassette for indoor sample
(1) Pre-addressed FedEx Label
(1) FedEx mailing envelope

Receive your lab report in 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Take your air samples
  2. Register and pay for your sample lab analysis online.
  3. Mail in your samples with the pre-addressed envelope included.

Also sold at select Home Depot and Lowes stores.