Lab Analysis Fees

Each sample requires a $49.97 lab analysis fee for standard 3 day turnaround time. Each sample registration requires at least 1 outdoor and 1 indoor sample for analysis.

MyAllergyDetectiveâ„¢ provides its customers with the highest, fully-accredited laboratory analysis process and comprehensive report interpretation the IAQ, Allergy and Asthma Industries offer.

Why are there lab fees?

The Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) industry has set the standards for quality and accurate air sample testing that includes a qualified and specialized lab technician performing microscopic analysis to identify particulates captured in sample air cassettes.

Similar to the DNA analysis process, air quality testing requires a regulates and certified laboratory to perform this analysis which takes time and patient attention to detail.

This air testing process is the standard set by the IAQ industry and widely accepted by Allergist and Immunologist throughout North America.

To ensure the quality of the lab analysis process, all samples are required to be registered throughout our online chain-of-custody that secures the analysis process through the customer and the AIHA-Accredited laboratory.

Once registered online, all samples are mailed to a partnered AIHA-Accredited laboratory that will:

  1. Identify particulates found in each sample
  2. Identify quantity of particulates in each sample
  3. Generate a custom Lab Report to findings in clear and easy-to-read format

We guarantee competitive laboratory analysis pricing, exceptional Customer Service, and accurate indoor air quality reporting. Receive a free lab report consultation to any questions and plan next steps.